Partnering with the Board

The Board of Pensions provides robust benefits and exceptional service and support to our partnering organizations, which include congregations and affiliated employers.

The Board of Pensions partners with Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) congregations, agencies, and mid councils, as well as employers affiliated with the PC(USA), to provide a broad range of benefits and assistance programs, including medical, dental, vision, pension, and retirement savings.

We provide dedicated service to approximately 65,000 individuals through the Benefits Plan of the PC(USA) with professional expertise, care, and compassion. Our philosophy of benefits and pricing approach are based on the concept that we live in caring community with one another. We are committed to wholeness and mutual care, and that is reflected in our benefits.

Affiliate employers

We partner with employers that have an association with the PC(USA). They include 

  • schools and colleges;
  • seminaries;
  • healthcare facilities;
  • retirement communities; and
  • camps and conference centers.

Contact the Board if you are interested in offering benefits to your employees through the Benefits Plan of the PC(USA). The Affilate Markets team can work with you to determine the best benefits for your organization.

Church employers

Church employers are part of the PC(USA) and include congregations, which provide benefits to ministers and staff members, as well as the six agencies, including synods and presbyteries. The Board of Pensions provides a variety of resources to help support church employers in selecting and administering benefits.

Church Consultants, located throughout the country, offer personalized assistance to employers, as well as mid councils, in their assigned geographic areas. Find your Church Consultant to start a conversation.