For seminarians & candidates

Helping you from the first steps

Your life of ministry


The Board of Pensions serves those who have been called to serve God, from seminary through retirement.

Seminary relationships


Healthcare coverage

​Our Medical Plan is open to you at a reduced rate if you're a candidate in a seminary or affiliated educational institution. We offer support, balance, and peace of mind on the way to ordination.

Seminarian healthcare coverage

Navigating the call process


​Seminarians stand at the trailhead of ministry. Seminary prepares them for a strong start to the journey, and the Board of Pensions lends support to this preparation.

Seminary relationships

A Theology of Benefits in action

Every part of the PC(USA) community has a distinct role and purpose. 
We work together in coordinated and cooperative ways to serve the greater whole.

The connectional Church

​The six national agencies of the PC(USA) provide six circles of support, advocacy, and decision making.

Six agencies of the Church

Supporting the well-being of ministers

Living by the Gospel is a guide to structuring ministers' terms of call. It also details Pathways to Renewal and includes salary study information.

A guide to structuring ministers' terms of call

Lifelong learning

​​The First Call, First Steps seminar provides inquirers and candidates for ordination with information and tools essential to navigating the call process effectively.


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