For seminarians & candidates

Helping you from the first steps

First Call, First Steps

​​This seminar provides inquirers and candidates for ordination with information and tools essential to navigating the call process effectively.


Healthcare coverage

​Our Medical Plan is open to you at a reduced rate if you're a candidate in a seminary or affiliated educational institution. We offer support, balance, and peace of mind on the way to ordination.

Seminarian healthcare coverage

Navigating the call process

​Seminarians stand at the trailhead of ministry. Seminary prepares them for a strong start to the journey, and the Board of Pensions lends support to this preparation.

Seminary relationships

A Theology of Benefits in action

Every part of the PC(USA) community has a distinct role and purpose. 
We work together in coordinated and cooperative ways to serve the greater whole.

The connectional Church

​The six national agencies of the PC(USA) provide six circles of support, advocacy, and decision making.

Six agencies of the Church

Supporting the well-being of ministers

Living by the Gospel is a guide to structuring ministers' terms of call. It also details Pathways to Renewal and includes salary study information.

A guide to structuring ministers' terms of call

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