Church Consultants

​The Board of Pensions provides a variety of resources to help support employers in selecting and administering benefits. Church Consultants, located throughout the country, offer personalized assistance to employers, as well as mid councils, in their assigned geographic areas.

How your Church Consultant can guide you

Sessions, session committees, and other church leaders making benefits decisions may call on their Church Consultant for guidance about options. Some of the ways in which our consultants provide support include the following: 

Find the consultant for your region below.


Find your consultant

Luke Choi

Consultant for Michigan, Ohio (except Cincinatti and Upper Ohio Valley), Western New York, and churches in Korean-language presbyteries

Kenneth Green

Consultant for Synod of Lakes and Prairies and part of Synod of Lincoln Trails (northern Illinois and northern Indiana)

Kevin Keaton

Consultant for Synods of Mid-America and the Sun

Kristin Leucht

Senior Consultant for Synods of the Southwest and Southern California and Hawaii, and part of Synod of the Rocky Mountains (Colorado, Utah)

Elizabeth M. Little

Consultant for North Carolina and South Carolina

Christine Long

Consultant for the Synods of Alaska-Northwest and the Pacific and Presbyteries of Glacier, Wyoming, and Yellowstone

Carrie Mitchell

Consultant for Synod of the Northeast (except Western and Central New York) and presbyteries of Baltimore, New Castle, Philadelphia, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Douglas Portz

Senior Consultant for Synod of the Trinity (except the presbytery of Philadelphia)

Keenan Rodgers

Consultant for Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, and Puerto Rico

T. Clark Simmons

Senior Consultant for Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee

Edward Thompson

Senior Consultant for Kentucky and presbyteries of Cincinnati, Ohio Valley, and Southeastern Illinois, and Director of Interagency Relations

It's time to select benefits for 2023

Your Employer Agreement is available on Benefits Connect now through October 7. This is your annual opportunity to review and select the benefits you'll offer employees beginning in 2023.

Benefits with no hourly work requirement

​These benefits can be offered to employees regardless of the number of hours they are regularly scheduled to work — and at little to no cost to you as an employer. Consider these benefits for both full- and part-time employees.