Retired pastor finds joy in retirement after receiving assistance from the Board of Pensions

Reverend Han

The Reverend Jae Shin Han (left) with his wife, Young Ae Han.

When the Reverend Jae Shin Han was planning for retirement, he thought that he would continue to do what he had always been called to do — serving people in need in some capacity. "But when I finally retired, I realized that instead of helping others, I was in a situation where I needed help," he shared.

Rev. Han had retired as senior pastor of the Korean Church of Louisville, Kentucky in December 2020, after 24 years of service to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Shortly thereafter, he and his wife moved from Kentucky to California to live closer to their son — and soon found the cost of living to be unmanageable. "Expenses I hadn't counted on increased," he explained, including unexpected medical expenses.

When Rev. Han realized his situation was not improving, he became anxious and worried about his and his family's future. He remembered that the Board of Pensions had assistance programs for retirees and reached out to D.J. Lee, Senior Service Specialist for Korean membership at the Board. "I spoke frankly to D.J. about the difficulties I faced," Rev. Han recalled.

D.J. informed Rev. Han about Income Supplements for retirees through the Assistance Program of the Board of Pensions. These Income Supplements provide a monthly stipend to eligible retired PC(USA) employees and their surviving spouses in need. Rev. Han quickly applied.

When Rev. Han learned that his application was approved and he would begin receiving a monthly Income Supplement, "My wife and I were overjoyed beyond words," he said, explaining how a heavy feeling in his heart was lifted.

Receiving this assistance has impacted Rev. Han in many ways, elevating his financial, emotional, and spiritual well-being. "The biggest thing is that my heart has become a little more generous," he said.

Additionally, Rev. Han can now live comfortably in retirement and serve others as he had originally planned. "Instead of worrying, I can live each day with gratitude," he added. "It is an absolute joy and a comfort to know that with this necessary support from the Board of Pensions, I can at least not live waiting for a helping hand."

"The Assistance Program was able to lift the financial burden from Rev. Han's shoulders," said D.J. "It's gratifying to help extend this critical support to a retired minister who faithfully served the Church for many years."