Lifelong learning through Board University

We educate for wholeness and provide learning opportunities for the seasons of ministry. Explore our online and in-person educational offerings for members and seminarians.


​Each year, we invite ministers to Presbyterian CREDO conferences. These immersive experiences delve into leadership, service, and wholeness in four key areas: spiritual, vocational, health, and financial.

Presbyterian CREDO


Learn among your peers about benefits, financial planning, and achieving wholeness. These in-person opportunities for members, employers, and decision makers range from several hours to a full day. 

Well-Being Retreat

Our Well-Being Retreat offers a three-day experience tailored to wholeness. Members and spouses can explore the spiritual, health, financial, and vocational aspects of their lives and learn how to become more deeply rooted in them.


Discover online learning opportunities on topics including personal financial planning and terms of call.

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Board University webinars are available at no cost to members and employers who participate in the Benefits Plan.

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Education resource center

Access resources about financial and retirement planning and tax issues specific to ministers and congregations. 

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