Supplemental disability benefits coverage

​​Supplemental disability benefits coverage may provide extra income protection for you if you are enrolled in the Death and Disability Plan, if you become disabled, and your effective salary is more than the maximum salary covered under the Death and Disability Plan.

Amount of benefits

Supplemental disability benefits can replace 60 percent of your effective salary in excess of the amount protected under disability benefits coverage.

Because the maximum salary protected under disability benefits coverage is $110,000, supplemental disability benefits coverage is available to help you protect income in excess of that amount, up to the maximum salary for pension participation purposes ($290,000 for 2021).

  • This coverage provides a monthly payment in addition to disability benefits available to you under the Death and Disability Plan of the Benefits Plan.
  • The disability definitions, requirements, and administrative procedures that apply for the disability benefits coverage offered through the Benefits Plan apply to this supplemental coverage.
  • If you have opted out of Social Security, you cannot use this optional benefit to protect your full salary. This supplemental coverage has no disability-benefit increase feature or inflation adjustment.
  • This supplemental coverage does not provide for the accrual of pension credits on the portion of your salary in excess of $110,000.
  • If you return to work part time, and the sum of your benefits and part-time income exceeds 80 percent of your protected effective salary, supplemental disability benefits from this plan will be proportionately reduced.
  • If you enrolled for this coverage when first eligible and a pre-existing condition (one that existed in the 12 months before this coverage began) causes you to become disabled during the first year of coverage, you will not be eligible for the benefits of this coverage. Any contributions made for the coverage will be returned.


You may elect this coverage, in increments of $10,000, if you have an effective salary of at least $120,000. The maximum for which you may enroll is effective salary rounded down to the nearest $10,000. If you do not apply for supplemental disability benefits coverage when first eligible, you must undergo medical underwriting at your own expense to apply later.

You can apply for supplemental disability benefits coverage

  • when you first enroll in the Benefits Plan; and
  • whenever you receive a salary increase that makes you eligible for initial coverage or an increase in coverage.

You will be contacted by a Disability Specialist when you become eligible to apply for or increase supplemental disability benefits coverage.


Coverage is optional; your employer may pay none, some, or all the cost of this coverage. Monthly cost of coverage is based on your age as of January 1 each year.

​Age​Monthly cost for each $10,000 increment