How the Vision Eyewear Plan works

The Vision Eyewear Plan, administered by VSP, helps with the cost of prescription eyewear by providing a benefit each year for either glasses or contacts.

While you have the freedom to see any provider, you can make the most of your vision eyewear benefits by using network providers.

Save with network providers

You can save hundreds of dollars on your out-of-pocket costs for glasses and contacts by using providers who participate in the VSP Choice network. VSP has the largest network of independent vision care providers, with over 29,000 network provider offices. The network also includes major retail chains, such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, and Pearl Vision.

To find providers who participate in the VSP Choice Network, register or log on to the VSP website or call VSP at 800-877-7195.

When using network providers, your coverage includes these features:

  • You can get a pair of glasses from a network provider once a year and pay just a $25 copay.
    • If you choose frames that cost more than the plan’s annual allowance of $150, you pay the copay plus the difference between the actual cost and the allowance.
    • If you choose a featured brand frame, you’ll get an extra $50* to spend for a total allowance of $200. Log on to the VSP website to find a Premier Program location that carries these brands.
    • You get a 20 percent discount on amounts over the allowance, as well as savings on popular lens enhancements.*
  • If you choose contacts instead of glasses, you pay a $25 copay for the exam and fitting and nothing for your contacts up to a $175 annual allowance.
  • You also enjoy savings on extra pairs of glasses and sunglasses from any VSP provider within 12 months of your last well vision exam by a VSP provider.

*Brands/promotions subject to change. Extra $50 and 20 percent savings do not apply to Costco, Walmart, or Sam’s Club.

Using your vision eyewear coverage

To use your vision eyewear coverage

  • simply tell your VSP Choice network provider you have coverage through VSP; and
  • provide the last four digits of your Social Security number.

You don’t need to show an identification card; however, if you’d like a card as a reference, you can print one from the VSP website.

You also have freedom to use out-of-network providers and receive reimbursement for covered services up to a set maximum amount.

Note: The Vision Eyewear Plan does not cover eye exams. If the plan is offered without medical coverage, or if you waive medical coverage and elect only the Vision Eyewear Plan, no eye exam benefit is available.


You can use your vision eyewear coverage to receive network savings on glasses or contacts purchased at Eyeconic. In addition to the convenience of shopping online, you get a complimentary frame adjustment or contact lens consultation from a VSP Choice network provider’s office to ensure your eyewear fits properly.

To apply your benefits to online purchases, create an account on the Eyeconic website, and enter your username and password when completing the Eyeconic account. When you select a product, Eyeconic will show you how much of the retail price is covered by your vision eyewear benefit.

Out-of-network providers

If you use an out-of-network provider, you can submit a claim to VSP for reimbursement, as shown in the chart below.

To submit claims online

  • log on to the VSP website;
  • if prompted, select Board of Pensions Eyewear (Board of Pensions – Presbyterian Church) and click on Continue to Plan;
  • click on Benefits;
  • scroll down and click on Submit a Claim; then
  • click on Start New Claim and follow the instructions to upload your receipts.

You can also print and mail copies of your claim form and receipts to VSP. Log on to the VSP website for forms and instructions.

​Services/materials from an out-of-network provider ​
​Description ​Reimbursement
​Frames​Up to $70
​Single vision lenses​Up to $30
​Lined bifocal lenses​Up to $50
​Lined trifocal lenses​Up to $65
​Progressive lenses​Up to $50
​Contacts​Up to $105