Board University's in-person seminars focus on all aspects of wholeness — spiritual, health, financial, and vocational. At once inspirational and practical, these educational opportunities are offered at no cost to participants, in locations around the country.

​"I celebrate the retirement planning seminars the Board offers — they are outstanding!"       

— Retired plan member

In the interest of serving more, Board University has something for everyone — whether you are a plan member, retiree, spouse, or surviving spouse.

To serve better, the Board recently redesigned its seminars to provide more meaningful, and lasting, educational experiences. And to serve the Church, the Board accompanies Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) pastors and employees throughout their lives by providing seminars that focus on all aspects of wholeness — spiritual, health, financial, and vocational — especially financial.

At once inspirational and practical, Board University seminars are provided at no cost to participants in various locations around the country.     

First Call, First Steps

​​This seminar provides inquirers and candidates for ordination in the Church with information and tools essential to navigating the call process effectively. It helps seminarians who may seek calls in congregational ministry understand the importance of having benefits — and the impact such coverage can have on their future.

First Call, First Steps dates and locations


​​THRIVE (Thinking Retirement: Identity, Vocation, and Economics), a holistic retirement planning seminar, covers subjects such as financial planning and retirement healthcare options as part of a larger exploration of identity, health, and vocation in retirement. It is for plan members within 10 years of retirement and their spouses or surviving spouses.

THRIVE dates and locations

Growing into Tomorrow ... Today

​​This seminar equips plan members and their spouses or partners along their journey toward well-being in retirement.

Growing into Tomorrow ... Today dates and locations

Third Act Seminar & Luncheon

​​Third Act promotes lifelong learning by addressing a single aspect of retiree well-being. For 2019, the topic, which changes annually, is brain health. The seminar looks at factors affecting brain fitness, neuroplasticity, signs of declining brain health, and the role of faith in your third act.

Third Act Seminar & Luncheon dates and locations