​Each Board of Pensions-sponsored CREDO conference is led by a faculty team. The CREDO faculty guides participants in a visioning and discernment process through key areas of their personal and vocational lives.

CREDO faculty members are chosen for their expertise in one of four key areas: spirituality, church vocation and leadership, physical and emotional health, and personal finance. Each faculty member attends a development conference before leading a CREDO conference.

Conference leaders 

Rev. John Gable

Rev. Deborah McKinley

Rev. Mary Lynn Tobin

Rev. Dr. Byron A. Wade

Rev. Sharon Youngs

Conference administrators

Elder Vilmarie Cintrón-Olivieri

Elder Freda Dye

Elder Debbie Hamrick

Elder Therese P. Howell

Hallie Logan

Kim Mendels

Spiritual formation faculty

Rev. Bill Carter

Rev. Terry Chapman

Rev. Dr. David Gambrell

Rev. Dr. Blair Moffett

Rev. Dr. Seth Weeldryer

Vocational formation faculty 

Rev. José M. Capella-Pratts

Rev. James DiEgidio

Rev. Lori Neff LaRue

Rev. Robin Lyn Valdez

Leadership faculty

Rev. Theresa Cho

Rev. Charles "Chip" Low

Rev. Felipe Martínez

Emotional health faculty

Rev. Dr. Carrie Doehring

Rev. Dr. Wally Fletcher

Dr. Tricia Herman

Rev. Catherine McCollough, LCSW

Rev. Dr. Doug Ronsheim, LMFT

Bob G. Stice, LPCC

Physical health faculty 

Rebecca Bryan, APN, NP

Ann Fossum, RN, FCN

Sarah Sams, MD

Sandra Talbott, RNC/NP

Paul Volker, MD

Pamela Downing Ward, RN

Finance faculty

Rev. Dr. Eric Chavis

Rev. Clayton Cobb

Rev. Mark Frey

Elder Susan Holstedt

Rev. O. Gregory Moore, CPA

Rev. Dr. Allison Seed

Rev. Rod Sewell

Jacqueline Boersema, CFP

Emeritus faculty

Elder Diane Hogue

Rev. Riley Jensen

Rev. Dr. Marcia Clark Myers