Temporary Disability Plan

​In the event of a short-term disability, the Temporary Disability Plan provides employees with a weekly income for up to 90 days.

How it works

​The Temporary Disability Plan provides employees with the security of continuing part of their income in the event of a short-term disability (if an employee is unable to perform regular work duties because of sickness or injury). Temporary disability benefits are generally available for up to 90 days from the date of the disability. Benefits begin after the member has been disabled for 14 consecutive days.

When benefits begin

Once the member applies for benefits, and the application is approved, payments begin after the member is disabled for 14 consecutive days. Lincoln Financial Group, the Board of Pensions’ business partner for plan administration, must certify all disabilities.

Amount of benefits

Generally, the temporary disability benefit equals 60 percent of the member’s effective salary, up to the IRS maximum ($285,000 in 2020), paid weekly. Disability benefits will be reduced by disability payments received from other sources, such as workers’ compensation, state-mandated disability benefits, and Social Security.

Temporary disability benefits are available for up to the first 90 consecutive days of the disability.

Ongoing review process

Lincoln Financial Group reviews these benefits periodically during the disability and will ask for documents that verify continued disability. To continue receiving benefits, the member must undergo required evaluations, follow prescribed medical treatment, and provide requested documentation.

When benefits end

Disability benefits end when the member is no longer disabled, or if the member does not comply with plan requirements or returns to work.

Temporary disability benefits may also end if the member starts receiving long-term disability benefits in connection with the disability or is no longer eligible for this benefit.

Other benefits during disability

A valuable feature of this coverage is that the benefits a member has as an active employee through the Board of Pensions may continue during the disability, subject to Benefits Plan rules and the employer’s policies.

The employer will advise the member of his or her cost for benefits during the disability.

If participating in the pension plan, the member may also continue to accrue pension credits during the disability.


The Temporary Disability Plan is included in the Pastor's Participation and the new Minister's Choice benefits packages. The plan may be offered outside of those packages to employees working at least 20 hours per week.


For the Temporary Disability Plan, the cost is $0.45 per $10 of weekly salary. Either the employer or the member may pay the full cost for temporary disability benefits coverage. If the employer pays the cost, disability benefits are taxable when paid to the member. If the member pays for the coverage, disability benefits are tax-free when paid to the member.


If the employer pays for this coverage, the member will automatically be enrolled. If the member pays the cost, the member may elect Temporary Disability Plan coverage during annual enrollment.

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