This two-day seminar takes a holistic approach to retirement planning. Plan members and their spouses or partners are educated and engaged in personal financial planning as part of a larger exploration of identity, health, and vocation in retirement.

Rooted in A Theology of Benefits, the Board’s new retirement planning seminar addresses retirement preparation holistically. THRIVE — short for Thinking Retirement: Identity, Vocation, and Economics — covers subject matters such as financial planning and retirement healthcare options as part of a larger exploration of identity, health, and vocation in retirement.

THRIVE is taught by Board University educators and other experts throughout the country. It includes interactive and hands-on learning opportunities.

“This seminar helps members prepare in all ways for the transition to retirement ― so they may thrive.”

— Rev. Dr. José Irizarry
Vice President, Education

Who it’s for

Plan members 10 or fewer years away from retirement, and their spouses or partners, are welcome to attend. This includes part-time employees of the Church who are enrolled in any benefit from the Benefits Plan.

What you’ll learn

In this seminar, you will

  • identify key questions for discernment in planning for retirement;
  • assess finances, including options for saving before retirement, and develop appropriate expectations for retirement living;
  • discuss spiritual, physical, and mental health issues related to aging;
  • create next steps in these areas essential to well-being —
    • identity
    • vocation
    • economics
  • discover tools and resources for do-it-yourself retirement preparation; and
  • acquire knowledge to confidently transition to, and ultimately thrive in, retirement.

Upcoming seminars

Currently scheduled THRIVE seminars are as follows:

October 29-30, 2019
Austin Theological Seminary
Austin, TX
Registration closed. Wait list available.

November 5-6, 2019
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
Pittsburgh, PA
Registration closed. Wait list available.

Registration will open approximately three months prior to each of the following seminars.

March 5-6, 2020
Covenant-First Presbyterian Church
Cincinnati, OH

April 1-2, 2020
Union Presbyterian Seminary
Richmond, VA

May 11-12, 2020
Office of the Presbytery of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA

July 23-24, 2020
Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church
Syracuse, NY

August 20-21, 2020
Montreat Conference Center
Montreat, NC

September 28-29, 2020
University of Dubuque Theological Seminary
Dubuque, IA

October 1-2, 2020
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Austin, TX

October 5-6, 2020
New Hope Presbyterian Church
Castle Rock, CO

October 8-9, 2020
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
Pittsburgh, PA

October 15-16, 2020
First Presbyterian Church
Shreveport, LA

October 20-21, 2020
Columbia Theological Seminary
Decatur, GA

November 10-11, 2020 
Sacramento Presbytery
Sacramento, CA