​Registration for CREDO conferences is held each Fall for the following year.

​"I left feeling richly blessed by a denomination that cares to invest in its pastors and by a God whose love and grace and goodness abound."  

                         — CREDO participant

Invitation Update 

2023 CREDO conference invitations will be sent to select eligible individuals the week of August 30, 2022, depending on the conference type. Due to limited seating, not all eligible late-career pastors will be invited.

Choosing a conference

Explore the conference locations and dates for your group. Part of the value of the CREDO experience is meeting and sharing with colleagues from across the country, so please choose a location at least 200 miles from your home.

If more than one member of your church staff receives an invitation for the same year, you should register for different conferences. Spouses should select different conferences as well.

Participant fees

Each attendee pays a $500 participant fee. The Board of Pensions covers everything else, including airfare, lodging, meals, and other direct conference costs. If the participant fee creates a hardship, scholarships are available. Payment is by credit card or check upon registration.

The participant fee will be refunded in full if you cancel at least 30 days before the conference. After that, no refund can be made.

Participant responsibilities

You will be expected to participate for the full seven days of the conference, which begins on a Tuesday evening and ends the following Monday morning. Pre-conference work will be sent to you in the weeks leading up to the conference for your preparation and use at the conference. The work should take about 15 to 20 hours to complete, requires input from a loved one, and provides a base on which to build a plan for growth.

Family members

CREDO conferences are for ministers only. The Board provides conference materials to involve your spouse or loved one before and after the conference, but not in attendance at a CREDO conference. If you are part of a member couple and you both receive invitations, we ask that you attend different conferences to get the greatest benefit from the experience.

Mothers with nursing infants

CREDO welcomes mothers with nursing infants. Upon your request no less than six weeks before your conference begins, we will make provisions for

  • a designated space for nursing;
  • a crib, playpen, and/or bassinet; and
  • the services of a screened and certified childcare provider in the area where the conference is held.

If a mother prefers to instead pump breastmilk on-site and send or bring it home (in lieu of bringing your infant to the conference), we can provide assistance through a service called MilkStork.

To request such services and for further information, contact the CREDO administrator.