Partnering with the Board

​Part of the value of partnering with the Board of Pensions are the additional resources and support we provide to employers and plan members at no additional cost.

The Board Pensions understands that excellence in administration and service is an important consideration when choosing a benefits partner to meet your needs and those of your employees. Part of our value can be found in the following administrative resources and personalized service support we provide to employers and plan members throughout the year, at no additional fee.

Guidance for employers

Whether you are a new client or an existing client adding new members, we understand that communicating and facilitating changes — especially those related to benefits — can be challenging. Our Employer Services team is designed to assist you as an employer.

Knowledgeable service representatives

Our Philadelphia-based team is staffed by skilled service representatives who are ready to serve our members. Dedicated to compassionate and knowledge-based service, they begin every conversation with, “How may I serve you?”

Compliance support and guidance

We provide you with guidance on relevant laws and regulations that might affect how you provide benefits to employees, and we provide your employees with annual notices required by the Affordable Care Act, including summaries of benefits and coverage.

Online benefits administration

Benefits Connect, our benefits portal, allows employers to select and manage benefits for eligible employees. Members also use the portal to enroll in benefits, access personal information, and update benefits during a plan year should they have a qualifying life event.

Easy online payments

BoardLink, our online invoicing system, enables employers to pay invoices quickly and conveniently — with banking industry-standard security and encryption to protect your financial account information. Features include flexible payment scheduling, recurring payment setup, and monthly email reminders.

Ongoing benefits resources

Here on our website, you will find educational and reference materials about plan features and making the most of plan benefits. Online resources include standard member-facing communications, compliance resources, and information you can use year-round to enhance your organization’s benefits communication and knowledge.

Stillman finds plan value, personal touches with Board of Pensions

​In partnering with the Board of Pensions to offer benefits to its employees, Stillman College found a perfect fit, according to Stillman President Dr. Cynthia Warrick.

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Medical Plan coverage provides value and stability

​According to St. Andrews President Paul Baldasare, it was a combination of features that led the university to choose medical coverage through the Board of Pensions.

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Seeking wholeness for all

Covenant Presbyterian Church, a large church in Charlotte, North Carolina, provides retirement, medical, and other valuable benefits to its full-time employees, freeing them to bring their best gifts to ministry.

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Returning home to the Board of Pensions family of employers

Previously a partner with the Board of Pensions, Florida Presbyterian Homes recently “returned home” to the Board’s Benefits Plan and experienced cost savings and enhanced service and benefits offerings.

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