Management consultations

Employers who need assistance with workplace issues ranging from employee performance to natural disasters have access to no-cost management consultation services through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Cigna Behavioral Health administers the EAP, including information, support, counseling, and, under certain circumstances, onsite workshops.

The EAP provides essential support to managers of employees of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and its affiliated employers. The EAP can help when

  • a problem surfaces or a crisis strikes;
  • you are unsure of how to handle a situation;
  • an employee's work is suffering because of personal concerns; or
  • you are concerned about an employee's welfare.


Management consultation services fall into four categories:

  • Informal referrals. You may suggest the EAP to individuals covered by the Medical Plan (for self-referral) as a way to help them deal with personal problems that aren't yet affecting their work performance.
  • Formal management referrals. Make a formal management referral to the EAP for an employee covered by the Medical Plan to get help with personal issues that are beginning to affect work performance. A referral to the EAP can be mandatory and a condition of the covered employee's continued employment.
  • Crisis response services. These services, which may be delivered by an EAP consultant onsite, can help you handle the impact on work of any event that may cause psychological stress or trauma, such as major organizational change and workforce reduction/organization, natural disasters, or an employee death or serious illness.
  • Guidance for other concerns. Examples of other concerns that the EAP can help with include job performance issues, such as absenteeism or interpersonal conflicts, potential substance abuse, or sexual misconduct.

To take advantage of these services, call 866-640-2772. You will be put in touch with an employee assistance consultant who will help you to assess the situation and determine what to do. Employee assistance consultants are licensed, master's degree-level clinicians with backgrounds in theology.