Costs for employers

​As a nonprofit, the Board of Pensions offers competitive pricing without regard for profit or shareholder demands. We pass along these savings to our employers and plan members.

Menu options give you flexibility to select a variety of benefits to offer all of your employees, at competitive prices.


Employers pay at least 50 percent of Member-only coverage in the lowest-cost medical option they offer, and may contribute toward the additional cost of covering eligible family members. Medical coverage costs are based on claims experience adjusted for regional and demographic factors.

Pension and death and disability

If offered, dues for the Pension Plan and death and disability coverage are 100 percent employer-paid.

  • Dues for the Pension Plan are 11 percent of effective salary.
  • Dues for death and disability coverage are 1 percent of effective salary if offered with the Pension Plan, or 2.5 percent of effective salary if offered without Pension Plan enrollment.

Flexible spending accounts

For flexible spending accounts, employers are charged $3.90 per employee per month for each employee who establishes a healthcare and/or dependent care FSA. Only one fee is charged per employee, whether the employee has one type of FSA or both.

Group term life coverage

Employers pay the full cost of group term life coverage, if offered; cost is 20 cents per month per $1,000 of coverage.

Other benefits

Employers may, but are not required to, contribute to the cost of dental, supplemental death, supplemental disability (if eligible), and/or vision eyewear coverage. Employers may contribute to the Retirement Savings Plan on a member's behalf as a fixed and/or matching* contribution.

*An employer matching contribution to the RSP is not considered part of effective salary, so the employer cost for dues-based benefits (such as Pension Plan participation) is not affected. (A fixed employer contribution to the RSP, as a percentage of pay or a dollar amount, is considered part of effective salary and included in the calculation of dues).

Dues structures for ministers

​These costs apply to ministers enrolled in Pastor's Participation and Pathways to Renewal.

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Menu option rates

Learn how rates for medical coverage under menu options are determined.

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