Medicare Supplement vision discounts

If you are enrolled in Medicare Supplement, you can take advantage of discounts on eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, and other products and services with Davis Vision network providers.

Network discounts

The following discounts are available when you use a Davis Vision network provider. Special lens designs, materials, powers, and frames may require additional cost. At Walmart, Sam’s Club, or Costco, members will receive their Everyday Low Prices on eye examination, frame, and contact lens purchases. Additional discounts are not applicable.

​Network products and services​Member price
Eye examinations
​Eye examination​15% off provider’s usual & customary or $5 off retail cost1
​Refraction eye examination (when eye exam is covered by Medicare)​$20
​Priced up to $70 retail​$40
​Priced above $70 retail ​$40 + 10% off balance over $70
Spectacle lenses
​Discounts available for other lens options (tinting, progressive, etc.). Learn more at the Davis Vision website. ​ ​
​Single vision​$35
Contact lenses
​Contact lens evaluation​15% off provider’s usual & customary2
​Conventional contacts​20% off provider’s usual & customary
​Disposable/planned replacement​10% off provider’s usual & customary
Other products/services
​Laser vision care services​Up to 25% off provider’s usual & customary3
​Non-prescription sunglasses​20% off provider’s usual & customary
​Other ancillary products/solutions​10% off provider’s usual & customary

1 Pricing depends on the retail location selected.
2 Transitions is a registered trademark of Transitions Optical Inc.
3 Or receive an additional 5 percent discount on any advertised specials — whichever is lower.

Learn more

To locate a provider, access discounts and forms, browse your personal frame collection, and find other helpful resources, visit the Davis Vision website. (Select Members, close the "shop online" pop-up window, enter client code 4162, and click Submit.) For additional information, call Davis Vision at 877-923-2847, and be sure to mention client code 4162, as there are no member ID numbers for this discount program.