Medicare Supplement Plan

Medicare Supplement coverage for retiring members is secondary medical coverage that supplements Medicare Parts A and B. It is offered to eligible members at retirement.​

Effective January 1, 2022, the Medicare Supplement Plan includes vision coverage (including eye exam and vision eyewear benefits), along with emotional well-being support and life-balance resources through the Employee Assistance Plan.

How Medicare Supplement coverage works

Medicare Supplement coverage provides benefits for a wide range of medically necessary services and supplies beyond what Medicare pays, and some expenses that Medicare doesn’t cover at all.

Medicare Supplement costs

You pay a monthly subscription rate, or premium, for each eligible person enrolled in Medicare Supplement coverage, up to two premiums.

How to enroll in Medicare Supplement

If you are eligible when you retire, you may enroll in Medicare Supplement coverage or postpone enrollment until a later time by waiving coverage.

Continuous coverage waiver

You must meet a continuous coverage requirement to postpone enrollment in Medicare Supplement coverage until later.


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