Transition to new pharmacy benefits manager, Express Scripts

Updated February 3, 2021

Express Scripts is the new administrator for the prescription drug program for those with medical coverage through the Board of Pensions, effective January 1, 2021. Here's important information about the transition to Express Scripts, how you may be affected by the change, and what to do the first time you need to refill a prescription using Express Scripts.   ​

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New prescription ID cards

Some members may receive a duplicate set of ID cards from Express Scripts. If you receive a second set, you may keep the duplicates to use or simply destroy them. If you have not yet received your new ID cards, you can register and log on to the Express Scripts website to download and print an ID card. You can also use the Express Scripts mobile app to access a virtual ID card. Or, call Express Scripts at 800-344-3896 to request a new card. Retired members should call 877-856-4694.

Why Express Scripts?

The Board of Pensions is pleased to partner with Express Scripts to administer the prescription drug program for members with medical coverage. As the longtime administrator of prescription drug benefits for a large group of denominations in the Church Benefits Association (CBA) coalition, Express Scripts is well-positioned to offer superior service to our members. Additionally, through the CBA, the Board can take advantage of economies of scale to help contain costs.

Note: The change to Express Scripts does not apply for members enrolled in Triple-S or GeoBlue.

Same benefit features

Plan benefits and features remain the same. Only the administration of your prescription drug benefits will change.

  • You can fill prescriptions at participating Express Scripts pharmacies, through Express Scripts Pharmacy home delivery service, or through Accredo, the Express Scripts specialty pharmacy.
  • The plan's cost-sharing provisions in the form of copays, deductibles, and coinsurance remain the same.
  • If you're enrolled in the Medicare Supplement Plan, your prescription drug benefits also remain the same. (Note: The Medicare Supplement prescription drug program is a qualified Medicare Part D plan.)

New 2021 formulary and preventive drug lists

Be sure to review the 2021 formulary and preventive drug list when you need to fill a prescription.

  • A drug you've taken in the past may fall under a different tier (drug category) starting January 1.
  • It's especially important to review the 2021 formulary if you are enrolled in the EPO or HDHP because these options do not cover non-formulary drugs.

Need a refill?

In most cases, if you had remaining refills with OptumRx home delivery, the refills were automatically transferred to Express Scripts Pharmacy home delivery service and you won't need a new prescription from your doctor. However, you will need to order your first refill using the Express Scripts website or by calling Express Scripts. You can then set up automatic refills for these medications going forward, if you wish.

Prescriptions with no remaining refills, prescriptions for controlled substances, and expired prescriptions (even if there are refills remaining) could not be transferred to Express Scripts Pharmacy. These drugs will require a new prescription from your doctor (you can ask Express Scripts to contact your doctor on your behalf).

Read more about the steps to take when you need to order refills through Express Scripts.

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Questions about Express Scripts?

​Get answers to questions you may have about the move to Express Scripts, including how to calculate your out-of-pocket costs for covered medications, find participating Express Scripts pharmacies, specialty medications, and more.