Management consultation services provide help and support to employers

November 12, 2019

​If you are a manager who needs help with a difficult workplace issue, management consultation services are available to you at no cost.

Difficult or sensitive workplace issues, such as employee performance or major organizational change, can present unique challenges for managers. If you are a manager of employees of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) or its affiliated employers, and you find yourself facing a difficult management issue, you can take advantage of no-cost management consultation services through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), administered by Cigna Behavioral Health.

When you access management consultation services through the EAP, you will be assisted by an employee assistance consultant. These consultants are licensed, master’s degree-level clinicians with backgrounds in theology.

Here are four ways management consultation services can help:

  1. Informal referrals. You may suggest to employees covered by the EAP that they reach out to the EAP for help dealing with personal problems that could affect their work.
  2. Formal management referrals. A formal management referral to the EAP for an employee covered by the EAP can help with personal issues that are affecting work performance. An EAP referral can be mandatory and a condition of the employee’s continued employment.
  3. Crisis response services. These services may be delivered by a professional consultant at your work site (advance approval requirements apply). Examples of incidents that may warrant these services include workforce reduction/reorganization, an employee death or serious illness, natural disasters, violence in the community, and threats of terrorism.
  4. Guidance for other concerns. Get ideas and options when you’re faced with a situation and don’t know how to proceed, as well as help with a wide range of potential issues, such as interpersonal conflicts, sexual misconduct, potential substance abuse, and more.

Help is a phone call away

To access management consultation services, call Cigna at 866-640-2772. You’ll speak with an employee assistance consultant who will help you assess the situation and determine what to do.