Give your benefits a checkup during annual enrollment

September 11, 2019
Take advantage of annual enrollment for 2020 benefits to make sure you will have the coverage that best meets your needs.

How often do you think about your benefits coverage? With many priorities competing for your time, it’s not surprising if your benefits aren’t uppermost in your mind. But, like many things in life, a little time and attention can help make sure everything’s in good working order. With that in mind, think of annual enrollment as a yearly checkup for your benefits.

This year’s annual enrollment for employees will be October 28 through November 15. Use this time to make sure you’ll have the coverage you want for 2020.

Review your benefits

Get ready by logging on to Benefits Connect now to review your current benefits, as well as your enrolled family members and any beneficiary designations. (If you’re not yet registered for Benefits Connect, you will need to create a User Profile.)

Take action

Starting October 28, you’ll be able to

  • view the benefits available to you for next year;
  • compare your 2020 options to what you have now; and
  • make changes, elect new coverage, and add or remove family members from your coverage.

Even if you don’t want to make any changes, you should log on to Benefits Connect during annual enrollment to review the 2020 costs for the coverage you currently have, so you can budget accordingly.

Keep in mind, too, that annual enrollment is your only chance to review and elect benefits coverage for 2020 unless you have a qualifying life event during the year. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of this time to give your benefits the time and attention they deserve.