From our President: Hope is at work throughout the PC(USA)

Since, then, we have such a hope, we act with great boldness

1 Cor 3:12​

The outcome of the recent presidential election mattered to all Americans, but clearly there was no consensus on the best outcome. In contrast, Presbyterians know that no matter which party resides in the White House, Jesus is still Lord and through him we have hope.

In the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), hope is at work in the Matthew 25 journey to build congregational vitality, dismantle structural racism, and eradicate poverty. Hope energizes the congregations of the PC(USA) that faithfully join this march toward a more just society. And hope fills the young adults who dedicate their gifts and energy to ministry in this Church, which holds that change is possible.

Hope beats within the Board's Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Leadership Council (DEILC). The DEILC, whose makeup is representative of Board staff, has committed to bring to the agency the "vision of belonging and oneness" found in the call of Jesus to love your neighbor as yourself. Our Board of Directors has formed a task force on diversity, equality, and inclusion, in hope that the agency can expand and deepen our reach among historically underserved constituencies.  

Our efforts in diversity and inclusion received the national NXT award from the National Association of Corporate Directors. NACD represents 1,500 boards of directors, with over half of those in the Forbes 1000. We appreciate the recognition and yet are humbled knowing the work that still needs to be done.

We are acting boldly so the Benefits Plan and Board programs can serve more, serve better, and serve the Church. We moved our education programs online, and participation increased manyfold. We adjusted our Assistance Program so it can benefit a wider, more diverse group of plan members and their families. There is new financial protection for ministers and reduced dues for our congregations in Puerto Rico, and our Medicare Supplement members have a December dues holiday.

Yes, we Presbyterians have hope. It comes through our Lord and Savior.

Grace and peace, 

The Reverend Frank Clark Spencer