Choral director sings the praises of Call to Health

July 30, 2018
​"Regular care of this part of my body helps me stay relatively pain free."

If Call to Health were a cantata, Megan Sharp and her husband, Jonathan, would hit every note.

Both work for Westminster Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, Virginia, directing and producing inspirational music in a variety of styles. Megan, a trained opera singer and conductor, is Westminster's Director of Fine Arts, and Jonathan, the church organist.

Their togetherness extends to Call to Health,* the Board's health and well-being initiative. They take on many challenges in unison. "We compare blood work numbers, encourage each other to do random acts of kindness — even bike to work, which fulfills the weekly exercise challenge," Megan said.

The couple also enjoys Call to Health's financial challenges. They've watched financial videos, updated their wills, and reviewed their accounts with the Retirement Savings Plan of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

They've even gotten their 13-year-old son, Paul, to join them for weekly sprints at the track. "It helps that we make fruit smoothies as a post-workout snack when we get back home," Megan said wryly.

In most cantatas, eventually it's time for a solo. Megan's personal health goals are shaped by her answers to the annual Well-Being Assessment,** which determines content presented to her when she logs on to Call to Health. System-generated challenges and topics remind her to concentrate on specific issues, suggesting activities that will benefit her most.

For instance, Megan has chronic back and neck pain. She conducts multiple choirs, which puts extra stress on her neck, back, and shoulders. "The Healthy Back challenge let me track the work I do to help my upper body, including acupuncture, chiropractic care, stretching, and massage," she said.

Although the Healthy Back challenge has ended, Megan continues to make sure she does at least one good thing for her back each month. "Regular care of this part of my body helps me stay relatively pain free," she said.

And that helps Megan work in harmony with her church, her colleagues, and her family.

*Call to Health is available to members and their spouses enrolled in the active Medical Plan (the Highmark PPO or EPO); it is not available to members enrolled in Triple-S, GeoBlue, or the Medicare Supplement Plan.

**The health assessment is a requirement for completing Call to Health, and earning lower medical deductibles and a $100 Amazon gift card.