Call to Health and the view from the top

December 01, 2017

​As President of Mo-Ranch Assembly, a Presbyterian conference center in Hunt, Texas, the Reverend Dick Powell was actively looking for ways to improve his staff's quality of life.

​He saw Call to Health as a possible means, and so made a game of posting his Call to Health point totals and challenging his staff to "top that." To his delight, he is "constantly being knocked off his perch" as lead point-getter. One staff member has lost more than 60 pounds this year, he said, motivated in part by the Mission Nutrition and Mood and Food coaching challenges.

Dick has made Call to Health part of his daily life. "I started by taking small, short steps, metaphorically and literally. And I began tracking food intake — all of it, including the fresh-baked pan dulce our kitchen staff makes to perfection," he said. He goes to bed sooner and rises earlier so he can stretch, walk, and work on his "rotund but disappearing core." He's lost more than 30 pounds — a significant milestone Dick is rightly proud of, but which his "meddling physician" simply said was a "good start."

Dick's improved health, spurred by Call to Health and the quest for points, has rekindled his passion for hiking. "A year ago, hiking four miles and climbing 3,800 feet would have been impossible," he said. Now, he looks for chances to lace up his hiking boots.

"The view from the top is magnificent. I hope everyone will come and see," he said.