3 steps for selecting employee benefits

June 08, 2021

Follow these steps to ensure your employees will be able to elect the benefits they need during annual enrollment this fall.

Your 2022 Employer Agreement will open July 19 on Benefits Connect, but there are a few steps you can take before then to get ready.



  1. Review current offerings and costs on Benefits Connect. Did you know you can download a spreadsheet of the benefits your current employees are enrolled in and the costs? Log onto Benefits Connect. Choose either the Employer Agreement or Manage Employees tab and you will see a Reports box on the right side of the page. Use the spreadsheet to model employer and/or employee contributions or possible benefit additions — even before you have 2022 costs.
  2. Look at the benefits available for 2022. Review all the benefits, plans, and programs offered through the Board of Pensions. If you will offer medical coverage to a group of employees for the first time or will offer medical coverage to current employees for the first time, call the Board at 800-PRESPLAN for costs for medical coverage. The costs for medical coverage in the Employer Agreement may not accurately reflect these newly eligible employees.
  3. Can you offer additional benefits to employees? Benefits are key in attracting and retaining valuable employees. The Board offers benefits designed to give you the choice and flexibility to serve a variety of employees. Some benefits have no hourly work requirement and some can be offered at little or no cost to you.
    • Do you have employees who work less than 20 hours per week, but who would appreciate the ability to purchase vision eyewear or dental coverage – or the opportunity to save for retirement?
    • Would other employees like to benefit from tax-savings on expenses they’ll have anyway through flexible spending accounts and/or a health savings account (with HDHP medical option)?
    • Can you provide coverage of up to $50,000 through the Term Life Plan at a low cost?

When offering benefits to groups of employees, remember these tips to be sure your choices align with sound human resources policies.

Beginning July 19, log on to Benefits Connect for 2022 costs and to review your Employer Agreement. Select the benefits you would like to offer employees during annual enrollment in the fall, and submit your Employer Agreement by October 8.