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Managing your finances and planning for your retirement is a lifelong process. As you go through the stages of your life, you must make adjustments. However, if you understand the basic principles, including budgeting, investing, certain tax laws, and even the costs associated with healthcare, you can create a strong, flexible blueprint for success.

Board University seminars are presented by our Education Specialists, who have expertise in financial planning, as well as retirement planning consultants. These live seminars are open to active and retired plan members, as well as their spouses, free of charge. They provide guidance that will help you maximize your benefits and develop sound spending, saving, and investment strategies.

Getting in Shape Fiscally: This financial planning seminar is designed to educate plan members, seminarians, and their guests on better ways to manage their personal finances as a component of

Growing into Tomorrow … Today: Be informed, educated, and inspired for the journey toward wholeness in retirement living. Planning for retirement invites consideration of financial readiness as well as preparation for the life transition. This seminar helps plan members and guests who are within 15 years of retirement plan today for tomorrow’s retirement.

Post-Retirement: Remaining engaged in life-long learning, planning well in retirement, and staying informed about the Pension Plan and its resources are primary components of this seminar, designed for plan retirees, surviving spouses, and their guests.

Render unto Caesar: A well-structured Terms of Call benefits both the minister and the congregation. This seminar, designed for treasurers, administrators, and active clergy (ministers and lay pastors), addresses how to structure terms of call to be more cost-effective and to clarify clergy tax issues.

Third Act Seminar & Luncheon: This seminar provides retired plan members, surviving spouses, and guests with an opportunity to engage topics of interest to those in their third act of life and in fellowship and worship with colleagues. Each year, the seminar explores the four areas of wholeness (spiritual, health, vocational, and financial), with the workshop and keynote providing deeper exploration of the focus topic.