Living the call

“When I began the Call to Health, my goal was to reduce my medical deductible. What I got out of the program was so much more.”

​For many participants, Call to Health has been transformative. They’ve changed their eating habits, learned how to reduce their debt, let go of old resentments, and even discovered health problems before they had any symptoms.

Katy Cuthill

​“Wow! Now that I have found and learned how to use the Call to Health app, I have become a Call to Health pro! I get such a boost out of setting goals and then tracking my success. I’m well on my way to better back health, one of my major areas of concern, and learning all kinds of cool tools from the webinars. Thanks for all the great info and inspiration.”

Rev. Brian Yount

​“I’m most grateful for all the financial resources available on Call to Health. As a young pastor, fresh from seminary and just married, the financial resources have made us feel more confident about our money and future. Thanks to these resources, I’m keeping track of all my spending and have a clearer picture of our financial goals and obligations. We are in a better position to pay off student loans and start making the necessary decisions to enjoy a secure retirement. All in all, Call to Health has helped our family navigate some tough questions and build confidence about what’s ahead.”

Hallie M. Lindsay

Rev. Stanley Webster

​“For a Call to Health activity, I read about the value of outdoor exercise. About two weeks later, a friend invited me to join an exercise group for men. I said I already had an exercise routine that met my needs. But, because of the Call to Health article, I asked myself, “Why am I resisting the idea of working out with a group of men?” I identified a pattern of negative thinking that dates back to my childhood. Early in life, I convinced myself that I was not as good as other boys at sports. In declining the invitation to the men’s exercise group, I was acting on an old assumption: that other men would look down on me because I wasn’t as athletic as they are. I decided to act in defiance of that inner voice, attended the group, and discovered a delightful group of men who accepted me at my level of ability and included me with warm embrace. I have now been attending the workouts three days a week for 13 months. My weight is where my doctor wants it to be, and I wake up at 5 a.m. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays chomping at the bit to get outdoors and work out with my buddies.”