Earn points and reach new levels

​Call to Health participants earn points as they complete challenges. When they reach certain levels, they can earn reduced medical deductibles and gift cards.

Through the Call to Health website, participants register, join challenges, and track progress, earning points as they complete the challenges. When participants reach certain point levels, they can lower their medical deductibles for the following year and receive Tango cards.* These cards can be redeemed for gift cards from vendors that focus on healthy living or used to make charitable donations.

Levels and points

Here’s how you can reach the designated Call to Health levels and what you can earn once you do. In addition to these levels, employees who register at the Call to Health website for the first time and complete the Well-Being Assessment receive a $50 Tango card.

Level 1: Answer the call


Complete the following challenges to earn at least 1,000 points:

  • Take the Well-Being Assessment (required) (300 points).
  • Get your preventive exam and record the visit at the Call to Health website (required) (400 points).
  • Engage in other challenges you select (300 points combined).

Once you complete Level 1, here’s what you'll earn:

  • Employees who complete Level 1 have their  deductibles for the following year reduced by 25 percent if enrolled in EPO or HDHP coverage, or 33.3 percent if enrolled in PPO coverage.
  • Covered spouses who complete Level 1 receive a $100 Tango card.

Level 2: Embrace the call

Complete the required challenges and any combination of optional challenges that brings your point total to at least 1,500 points. Employees who complete Level 2 receive a $50 Tango card.

Level 3: Live the call

Keep going and earn at least 2,000 points to complete Level 3. Employees who complete Level 3 receive a second $50 Tango card.

*If redeeming the Tango card for a gift card, the recipient is responsible for reporting the gift card amount as taxable income when filing his or her tax return. Designation of the Tango card to benefit a charity is considered a charitable deduction for tax purposes.