Pension Plan

The Pension Plan is a defined benefit retirement plan. Participants in the plan receive a guaranteed monthly payment throughout retirement. ​

The Pension Plan helps to provide financial security when combined with Social Security and personal savings, such as contributions to the Retirement Savings Plan of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Participants receive monthly payments throughout retirement, and eligible survivors may receive payments after the participant's death.

Employees do not contribute to the Pension Plan. The full cost of the benefit is funded through employer dues and Pension Plan investment earnings.

If you are enrolled in the Pension Plan, your pension benefit grows through annual pension credits for each year of eligible plan participation as well as through discretionary experience apportionments. Apportionments, granted by the Board of Directors of the Board of Pensions, are periodic, permanent increases to the pension benefits of all participants — retired, active, and terminated.


  • Employers may choose to offer the Pension Plan through menu options to employees scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week.
  • Ministers enrolled in Pastor's Participation, a comprehensive benefits package designed to meet the needs of ministers and their families, are automatically enrolled in the Pension Plan.


Ownership of your pension benefit is known as vesting. If you are vested, you receive a monthly pension when you retire, even if you leave eligible service before you retire. You are vested in the Pension Plan when

  • you complete three years of eligible service;
  • you reach age 65;
  • your employer withdraws from the plan; or
  • the Pension Plan terminates.

Ministers of the Word and Sacrament are vested as soon as they are enrolled in the plan. Seminary attendance counts toward the vesting period.

Estimate your pension benefit

To estimate your pension benefit at retirement, use the pension estimator on Benefits Connect. The pension estimator allows you to view your estimated benefit immediately and use various dates for your planned last day of work and the date you would like retirement payments to begin (first of any month). It also can incorporate projected annual salary increases up to 10 percent.

Are you saving enough for retirement?

Take charge of your financial well-being and start contributing to the Retirement Savings Plan of the PC(USA).

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