Disability benefits

​Disability benefits, offered through the Death and Disability Plan, provide a monthly income and continued benefits to plan members who have become unable to work because of disability.


  • Employers may choose to offer the Death and Disability Plan through menu options to employees scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week.
  • Ministers enrolled in Pastor's Participation, a comprehensive benefits package designed to meet the needs of ministers and their families, must be enrolled in the Death and Disability Plan.


Disability benefits coverage includes the following.

  • The coverage provides a monthly payment generally equal to 60 percent of the member's effective salary.
  • Maximum salary protected is $100,000, for a benefit of up to $5,000 per month before taxes.
  • When a member is approved for disability status, benefits payments begin after a 90-day waiting period or when the member's salary or severance payments end, whichever occurs later.
  • In addition to monthly disability income, other benefits may be provided during an approved disability.

Employees do not contribute to the Death and Disability Plan. The full cost of the benefit is funded through employer dues.