Annual enrollment for 2020 benefits timeline

The benefits employers select when completing their 2020 Employer Agreements determine the options and costs employees will see during annual enrollment, from October 28 through November 15.

This year’s annual enrollment — the time when employees can make changes or elect new benefits coverage for next year — will be October 28 through November 15. The Board of Pensions provides materials leading up to, and during, annual enrollment to help employees understand what they will need to do — and how to make good choices. Here’s a preview of what employers and employees can expect and when.

​Annual enrollment communications timeline ​
​Annual enrollment employer toolkit, including posters, flyers, and more to engage employeesAvailable on in late September
​Postcard announcing enrollment dates ​Mailed in early October to employees’ homes
​News article to educate employees about why annual enrollment is important and what they need to do​Available on and featured in September and October Board Connections.
​Special annual enrollment web page outlining what employees need to know and do during annual enrollment, plus instructions for using Benefits Connect, links to videos and frequently asked questions, and other resources to help with decision-making ​Available on in mid-October
​Annual enrollment email, including a helpful checklist​Sent October 28 to email addresses on record
​Reminder emails to employees who have not submitted their 2020 benefits elections through Benefits Connect ​Sent during last week of enrollment period (November 8 to November 15)

Remember, submit your 2020 Employer Agreement through Benefits Connect by October 11, so your employees will be able to enroll starting October 28.