How Medicare Supplement works

​Medicare Supplement coverage covers a wide range of medically necessary services and supplies beyond Parts A and B coverage.

​Generally, Medicare Supplement covers the following:

  • prolonged hospitalization, skilled nursing facility care, and inpatient and outpatient psychiatric treatment
  • medical supplies and services
  • ambulance services
  • your Medicare Parts A and B deductibles
  • a $125 preventive allowance that you can use for a routine vision exam
  • outpatient prescription drugs
  • medically necessary medical care when traveling outside the United States

Medicare Supplement coverage does not cover the following:

  • routine dental or hearing care
  • custodial care
  • services for you if you reside outside the United States

After Medicare pays its portion of medical charges, Medicare Supplement coverage pays your healthcare providers based on Medicare’s allowance for the remaining balance. For most services, the plan pays 80 percent of the remaining balance after Medicare considers the claim and your deductible is met.