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Supplemental Disability Benefits

Your current disability coverage provides a monthly payment equal to 60 percent of your effective salary. The maximum salary protected is $100,000. If your current salary is at least $110,000, the Board offers an optional Supplemental Disability Benefits Plan to help protect your income against a loss.

The optional supplemental disability benefits can replace 60 percent of your effective salary in excess of $100,000, covering salary up to the maximum salary for pension participation purposes. Currently, the maximum salary is $270,000.

The disability definitions, requirements, and administrative procedures that apply for the disability benefits offered through the Benefits Plan apply to this supplemental coverage.

Who's Eligible

You can apply for optional supplemental disability benefits if you are enrolled in the Death and Disability Plan and your effective salary is above the maximum disability benefits basis. You must maintain active or disabled status to continue to be eligible.

If your employer offers this benefit to you, you may apply.

What Plan Options Are Available

This supplemental coverage is available in increments of $10,000 of protected income. To determine the maximum amount for which you are eligible to enroll, round down your effective salary to the nearest $10,000.

Cost of Coverage

Dues for coverage are determined by the level you select. These dues may change annually, so please reference the Benefits Overview for Supplemental Disability Benefits to determine coverage costs.

How To Apply

You can apply for supplemental disability benefits

  • when you first enroll in the Benefits Plan;
  • when you receive a salary increase that makes you initially eligible for coverage;
  • whenever you receive a salary increase that makes you eligible for an increase in coverage level.

You will be contacted by a Disability Specialist when you become eligible to apply for or increase your coverage level in this plan.