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Personal Health Record

Each active member of the Medical Plan enrolled for coverage through Highmark* can activate and view a Personal Health Record (PHR) securely and confidentially on, using a smartphone, tablet, or other computer. Spouses who register on the Highmark site can do the same.

What Is a PHR?

A PHR is an online record of your health history, which you can use to store, track, and share your health information. Once you activate your PHR, it will automatically fill with content gathered from claims data provided by Highmark and OptumRx. You also can edit or add information to your record.

You can use your PHR to keep track of the following:

  • conditions
  • medications
  • doctor and hospital visits
  • immunizations
  • tests and procedures
  • allergies
  • other health-related information

The PHR also has graphing and reporting features that can help you to track your progress in any number of areas, including blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, blood sugar, and exercise, among other indicators of health and well-being.

How To Launch and Sign In to Your PHR

For step-by-step instructions on using your PHR, watch Highmark’s e-learning module Personal Health Record Review. This helpful resource explains how to launch your PHR and then sign in to use it. It also explains how to share your PHR with others, add or edit information, and download or print your record.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Highmark and the Board of Pensions comply with federal and state privacy laws to keep your personal health information confidential. You control who views your PHR; the Board of Pensions and your employer cannot access it.

Why Use It?

The Medical Plan, through Highmark, gives you the ability to use a PHR so you can easily monitor — and take steps to improve — your health and well-being. It’s important for every member to be an advocate for his or her own health. Remember, we are all called to health!

*Not available to GeoBlue or Triple-S plan enrollees. Retired members covered by the Medicare Supplement Plan have access to a similar PHR capability through Highmark.