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For Transitional Participation Status

Transitional participation coverage is available to members in Pastor's Participation at termination of eligible service if one of the following applies:

  • actively seeking church-related employment
  • enrolled for full-time, post-graduate church-related studies
  • on a leave of absence status from current employment
  • subject to a disciplinary process that leads to a temporary leave or unemployment

Benefits continuation through transitional participation coverage is available for up to 24 months for teaching elders and graduated seminary student members whose presbyteries verify in writing that the member is actively seeking church-related employment. Longer periods are available to teaching elders enrolled as full-time, post-graduate students engaged in church-related studies or who are subject to a disciplinary process.

How To Enroll

Members on transitional participation coverage may elect to continue coverage in effect on the date that active service or seminary student status ended.

All members except graduated seminary students can choose to remit dues based on one of the following:

  • last effective salary
  • pastors' median

Members who reach their maximum eligibility for continuing benefits on transitional participation coverage are then eligible to continue medical coverage benefits on medical continuation coverage.