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For Active Members

If you are an active member in the Benefits Plan whose Medical Plan coverage is terminating, you and your eligible family members may enroll in medical continuation coverage on a self-pay basis for a limited time.

Your spouse, surviving spouse, former spouse, children who reach age 26, and seminary student members not seeking church service after their studies end may enroll. If your employment ends, your eligible family members who were enrolled before your coverage terminated may enroll even if you do not.

How To Enroll

You must complete, sign, and submit the Medical Continuation Subscription form within 60 days of the event that results in the termination of your Medical Plan coverage. Continuation coverage will not be effective until the Board receives the initial payment.

Waiver of Continuous Coverage Requirement

You or your spouse may be eligible to waive continuous coverage if you

  • meet the requirements of the Rule of 70 at termination;
  • are covered by another qualified health plan.

To waive coverage, you must return the completed waiver section of the Medical Continuation Subscription form. If you or your spouse files a waiver and other coverage is lost because your spouse retires, you or your spouse‚Äôs employment is terminated, or the employer discontinues coverage, you and your spouse may enroll in medical continuation, if eligible. You must notify the Board within 60 days of the qualifying event to activate coverage.

Requirements of the Rule of 70

  • You must be age 55 or older when you terminate Medical Plan participation.
  • You must have at least five years of Medical Plan participation.
  • The sum of your age and years of Medical Plan participation at termination must equal 70 or more.