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Disability Benefits

The Death and Disability Plan provides income and other benefits in the event of a total disability that lasts more than 90 consecutive days.

Who's Eligible

You are covered for disability benefits if a participating employer is paying death and disability dues on your behalf or if you are enrolled in transitional participation coverage, and you pay your own dues.

If you do not apply for the benefits at the onset of disability, you may still apply if fewer than 12 months have elapsed since the disability began.


If you are disabled within the first 12 months of participation in the Death and Disability Plan, and the disability is attributable to an illness or injury diagnosed or treated during the 12 months immediately preceding enrollment, you may not be eligible for disability benefits coverage under the Benefits Plan.


You may begin receiving monthly disability income payments after the first 90 days of total disability or when your salary or severance payments end, whichever occurs last. The church or other employer must continue paying dues on your behalf for the 90 days or through the duration of the salary or severance period. Benefits eligibility, duration, and cost (if any) are described in the Benefits Plan. In addition to monthly disability income, other benefits during approved disability may include a continuation of the benefits in effect at the benefit commencement date:

  • medical benefits*;
  • death benefits;
  • pension credit accrual, until the member's normal retirement date, if participating in the Pension Plan before disability; 
  • dental benefits, if enrolled before disability and you continue to pay for coverage;
  • supplemental disability benefits, if participating before disability;
  • supplemental death benefits, if participating before disability.

*For members, until age 65; for dependents, until the member turns age 65 or for three years, whichever is earlier.


You may continue to receive disability benefits as long as you are disabled but not beyond the first of these to occur

  • you return to work;
  • you no longer meet the plan’s definition of disabled;
  • you turn 65 (unless you became disabled after age 62);
  • you die; or
  • if disability benefits began on or after turning 62, meeting the maximum periods shown in the chart.
Age Years
62 3.5
63 3
64 2.5
65 2.0
66 1.75
67 1.5
68 1.25
69 or older 1