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Employment Income

You may earn up to 40 percent of your effective salary (up to 20 percent if enrolled in supplemental disability benefits coverage) before the income offsets the disability benefit.

Pre-Approval Requirement

The Disability team at the Board must approve in advance any employment you undertake while receiving disability benefits. You must provide the Board with the total hours to be worked, the duties of the position, and the salary, and must report all salary payments, manse or housing allowances, and other earned income. The primary treating physician must approve the hours and duties, cite any restrictions that apply, and provide the date he or she expects you to return to full-time employment.

Compensation Limit

If your salary and other compensation exceed the 40 percent earnings limit, your disability benefit is reduced by the amount of salary and compensation that exceeds the 40 percent.

You must submit copies of your W-2 forms to the Board annually. W-2s are not issued for supply preaching, so you must submit copies of your pay stubs quarterly, as well as your Form 1099 or 1040 submitted to the IRS for the preceding year.

Allowable Employment

A member may engage in two types of employment while on disability:

  • A trial work period is a short-term arrangement provided to facilitate your reemployment upon termination from disability status.
  • A partial return to work may be possible if you are unable to regain the capacity to return to your former level of functionality due to a permanent or disabling medical condition that enables you to perform some form of limited work. The treating physician and the Board’s disability medical case manager must confirm that the work is therapeutic and/or beneficial to your wellness. There is no duration limit on partial return to work.