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Shared Grants

A Shared Grant is generally intended to assist with an emergency or unexpected need for which a minister or employee does not have, or cannot access, the necessary funds.

This one-time grant is initiated by a mid council, employer, or multiple bodies of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) willing to share equally with the Assistance Program of the Board of Pensions in the cost of providing the grant.

Each case is reviewed on its merits, as determined by applicant need and resources.


To qualify, you must have an emergency or unexpected financial need and

  • be employed by a congregation, mid council, agency, or PC(USA)-affiliated employer; or
  • receive a retirement or survivor's pension from the Benefits Plan of the PC(USA).

The need could result from extraordinary medical expenses, a family emergency, custodial care at home, or any number of special situations beyond Benefits Plan or other coverage.


The amount of assistance varies with the need and resources available. In certain circumstances, grants may be made for periods of up to one year, with monthly disbursements.

How to apply

Ministers should contact their mid councils to discuss their need and assistance possibilities; other employees should contact their employer. Then, do the following:

  • Obtain a Shared/Emergency Assistance Grant application from your mid council or employer, complete and sign it, and have your mid council or employer sign it. (If they do not have an application on hand, they can obtain a copy from the Board of Pensions.)
  • Submit it to the Board at the address on the form, along with documentation of the need for the total grant amount requested.

Excluded from consideration

The Board of Pensions does not approve Shared/Emergency Grant applications that seek to

  • subsidize a presbytery's mission responsibility (e.g., ensure a pastor receives compensation if a church cannot pay it);
  • substitute for or augment a presbytery or employer's support of a terminated employee (i.e., pay a severance package);
  • provide moving expenses, except in certain extreme cases, such as those occasioned by serious, long-term illness, disability, or divorce;
  • pay legal fees, fines, or penalties (includes all taxes, SECA, or FICA allowances); or
  • pay Benefits Plan dues.

More information

For more information, call the Assistance team of the Board of Pension at 800-773-7752 (800-PRESPLAN).