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Retired Church Workers with Financial and Housing Needs

The Assistance Program may be able to help qualifying retired church workers who are unable to meet financial or retirement housing needs through personal and other resources by providing

Income Supplements

This program is designed to supplement the monthly income of retired church workers [generally, persons formerly employed full time in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)] and their surviving spouses age 65 or older whose total income from all sources is below certain levels and who have participated in the Pension Plan at least 10 years, as follows: 

2018 Income Supplement Maximum Annual Income
Years of Pension Plan Participation
Retired Single Members
Retired Members with Spouses
10 to < 20
20 to < 25*
25 to < 30
30 or >

 *These target levels are 50 to 60 percent of the median income of actively serving full-time pastors.

If you are not receiving Social Security benefits, the Board assumes that you have secured alternate protection, and any assistance is reduced by an amount which the Board determines would have been payable under Social Security.

Housing Supplements

Depending on the type of housing in which they live, retired plan members age 65 or older who have

  • 20 or more years of service to the PC(USA) or its predecessors [generally, persons formerly employed full time in the PC(USA)];
  • commensurate participation in the pension portion of the Benefits Plan;
  • total income from all sources of no more than $42,640 per year; and
  • assets that do not exceed
    • $35,000 for a single person who lives independently or $20,000 for a single person in assisted living; or
    • $50,000 for a couple who live independently or $35,000 for a couple in assisted living

may receive financial assistance to help with the costs associated with

  • a current home or apartment;
  • entering a retirement home;
  • paying the monthly room and board fee for a unit in a retirement community;
  • moving (under certain circumstances).