Why benefit groups are important when selecting benefits

July 16, 2019

During annual enrollment this fall, employees will elect 2020 benefits from the selections employers make as part of the Employer Agreement process. Benefit groups affect the coverage for which employees can enroll and the cost to employers and employees.

Whether your congregation or organization employs one or 100, log on to Benefits Connect July 15 through October 11 and complete your 2020 Employer Agreement. The benefits you select now will determine coverage that employees may elect during annual enrollment this fall.

When you complete your Employer Agreement, you need to decide

  • what benefits to offer;
  • who should be covered (and when); and
  • how much you will contribute to the cost.

Assigning (or reviewing) benefit groups is your first “to do.” Benefit groups are important because they determine which employees can elect each benefit and how much you and the employees will share in the cost. Assigning groups incorrectly may cause you or the employees to have unexpected contributions, or may result in unintentional discrimination. Review all your benefit groups to make sure you have selected the benefits you intended for all employees.

Learn more about assigning and using benefit groups.