Tools to encourage employees to complete annual enrollment

October 04, 2019
Employers can use tools and resources from the Board of Pensions to encourage and remind employees to complete annual enrollment for 2020 benefits.

Annual enrollment — October 28 through November 15 — is less than a month away. As this important time nears, remind employees that annual enrollment is their only chance to make changes to their coverage or to elect new coverage for 2020.

You can use the following tools and resources to help employees get ready to choose their 2020 benefits and complete annual enrollment:

  • The Annual Enrollment Employer Toolkit contains posters, emails, and other materials you can use to increase awareness about annual enrollment and to educate employees about the benefits you are offering.
  • Benefits Connect allows you to check during annual enrollment whether employees have submitted their 2020 elections. Just log on, choose Annual Enrollment Status at the top of the page, and employees will display as either submitted or not submitted. You can then remind anyone who hasn’t yet done so to log on to Benefits Connect to make changes or elect benefits for 2020 by November 15.
  • Starting December 1, 2019, you can use Benefits Connect to view and download a spreadsheet of employees’ 2020 elections and costs, for payroll purposes.

Remember, annual enrollment starts October 28. Spread the word so employees don’t miss out on their chance to make sure they have the coverage they want starting January 1.