Time is running out to answer the Call to Health

October 09, 2019
Just five weeks remain to answer the call and save on medical deductibles next year.

Call to Health ends November 15, 2019, so act quickly if you want to save $220 or more on your medical deductibles for 2020. Just complete Call to Health Level 1 by the deadline and you’ll qualify for reduced deductibles next year. And, as you take steps toward being your best in all areas — spiritual, health, financial, and vocational — you (and your spouse)* can also earn $50 Tango cards. You can redeem your Tango card for gift cards or donate the value to charity.

If you need Call to Health points, new challenges are now underway to help you meet your goal:

  • Share a Great Book with Others (25 points): Share a book that’s related to your work with your colleagues or your manager.
  • Snacks for Better Sleep (50 points): On at least four separate days, snack on foods that help promote good sleep if you’re hungry before bedtime.
  • Take Time to Recharge (10 points per week): Take a break from your work at least one day a week to recharge and destress.
  • Enjoy Lunch with Your Coworkers (20 points): Set aside time for lunch with your colleagues and get to know them better.
  • What Are Your Job Skills and Strengths? (25 points): Write down the things you do well and reflect on your list to help you identify your vocational goals.
  • Arm Yourself Against the Flu (50 points): Protect yourself and those around you by getting an annual flu shot.
  • Fidelity Retirement Score (25 points): Check the status of your retirement plan, and get next steps to consider, by answering six simple questions.

Don’t miss out on reduced deductibles plus all that Call to Health has to offer. Visit the Call to Health website and answer the call today.

*Call to Health is available to employees and their spouses with medical coverage through the Board of Pensions; it is not available to members enrolled in Triple-S, GeoBlue, or the Medicare Supplement Plan.