Time is running out for employees to complete annual enrollment

November 07, 2019

Remind employees to complete annual enrollment by November 15, so they’ll have the coverage they want effective January 1.

Annual enrollment ends Friday, November 15. Make sure employees are aware that time is running out for them to make changes and elect benefits for 2020.

As an employer, you can use Benefits Connect to see whether employees have submitted their 2020 elections. Just log on, choose Annual Enrollment Status at the top of the page, and employees will display as either submitted or not submitted.

You can then send the reminder email in the Annual Enrollment Employer Toolkit to anyone who hasn’t yet submitted their 2020 elections. Remind them, too, that annual enrollment is their only chance to make changes or elect benefits for 2020 unless they have a qualifying life event during the year.

There’s still time but annual enrollment will end soon. Spread the word so employees will have the coverage they want for the year ahead.

Offering FSAs or HSAs for 2020?

If you offer flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and/or health savings accounts (HSAs) through Further, employees will not be able to enroll for these accounts on Benefits Connect. Instead, employees must enroll using paper forms. For more details and instructions, and to download FSA and HSA enrollment forms, see the employer information and administration sections of the Flexible Spending Accounts and High Deductible Health Plan and Health Savings Account employer toolkits.