Take a new look at vision eyewear coverage

September 06, 2019

As you’re deciding which benefits to offer employees for 2020, consider vision eyewear coverage, available through VSP.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 11 million Americans over age 12 need vision correction, yet many people are unaware that their eyesight could be improved and that regular eye care is an important part of overall physical well-being.

Employees with medical coverage through the Board of Pensions are automatically enrolled for an annual vision exam benefit. But, have you considered offering an additional level of protection and savings through vision eyewear coverage?

You can offer vision eyewear coverage to all of your employees regardless of hours worked, or whether they are enrolled in medical coverage through the Board.

  • For employees with medical coverage through the Board, vision eyewear coverage supports their annual exam benefit by providing extra financial assistance for glasses and contacts.
  • For employees without medical coverage through the Board, vision eyewear coverage can lessen their household expenses — especially if eligible family members wear contacts or glasses.

Offering vision eyewear coverage helps your employees save money without additional cost to your budget. Because when you decide to offer vision eyewear coverage, you may, but are not required to, contribute toward its cost.

Learn more about vision eyewear coverage.

Select benefits now for 2020

Be sure to select benefits for 2020 and log on to Benefits Connect to complete your Employer Agreement by October 11. The benefits you select now will determine coverage that employees may elect during annual enrollment this fall.

If you have already submitted your agreement and decide you would like to add a new benefit or benefit group, you can still log on to Benefits Connect and make changes through October 11.

Need additional information or guidance selecting the best options for you and your employees? Call the Board of Pensions at 800-773-7752 (800-PRESPLAN).