Movember focuses on men’s mental health

November 04, 2019

Each year, Movember raises awareness about men’s health, including mental health and suicide prevention, throughout November.

Since 2003, the Movember Foundation has transformed the month of November into an opportunity to raise awareness about men’s health — perhaps most notably, by encouraging men to grow facial hair throughout the month. But beyond the mustaches, Movember has an important mission of reducing premature deaths among men by focusing on three important causes: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.

According to the Movember Foundation, six out of 10 suicides are men. Because of this rate, the organization works to improve overall mental health and help men establish better social connections — with a goal of reducing the rate of male suicides by 25 percent by 2030.

The Movember Foundation provides mental health-related resources on its website, including the following tips to help if you’re feeling down or overwhelmed:

  1. Talk to someone you trust, especially when things are tough.
  2. Get moving. Exercise does great things to your body and mind.
  3. Take a break. You don’t need to solve every challenge today, so give yourself some downtime.
  4. Get out and do something you enjoy with a friend.
  5. If you’ve tried some of the suggestions above and still feel bad, talk to a professional for advice and support.

Those who serve others are often the last to seek help for themselves; however, it’s important to reach out to a professional if you’re experiencing depression or other mental health issues. And, if you have medical coverage through the Board of Pensions,* you and anyone living in your household have 24/7 access to a valuable resource: The Employee Assistance Program, a completely confidential service provided by Cigna Behavioral Health, is available at no cost to you. The EAP offers a wide range of resources, including online resources on a variety of topics, unlimited phone consultations with licensed clinicians, and up to six in-person or online counseling sessions per issue per year.

To access the EAP, call 866-640-2772 or log on to the website. The website requires a one-time registration, so be sure to register now to have quick, easy access whenever you need it.

*The EAP is not available to employees enrolled in Triple-S, GeoBlue, or retired members enrolled in the Medicare Supplement Plan.