Changing your benefits lineup? Preview costs on Benefits Connect

July 15, 2019

The modeling feature in Benefits Connect can help employers predict and compare benefits costs before making final benefits selections for 2020.

It’s time for employers to select benefits for 2020 and submit their Employer Agreements on Benefits Connect.

If you’re considering a new benefit like dental or vision eyewear coverage, or want to add a new benefit group to those eligible for coverage, the modeling feature in Benefits Connect can help predict costs and cost-sharing with employees. This is a great way to compare costs and budget for 2020 before making your final benefits selections.

Modeling and benefit groups

As you move through the Employer Agreement process on Benefits Connect, the benefit group step lets you model how adding new employees or updating salaries affects costs. You may create multiple models to determine the benefits selections that best meet your and your employees’ needs. Here are some modeling tips:

  • Use Save Model to name and save the model you just created. You will see each model at Start Here the next time you log on to Benefits Connect and choose Employer Agreement.
  • You can also use a submitted Employer Agreement as the basis for a new model. If you submit an Agreement for 2020, then choose Create a New Model for 2020, the new model will be created using the last submitted Agreement as a starting point. You can then edit your selections, save the model with a new name, or submit an updated 2020 Agreement.
  • You may create as many models as you find helpful.

Keep in mind that any updates made while modeling will be carried through the rest of that model for selecting benefits and estimating costs. However, to make actual salary changes or add employees to the Benefits Plan, you must choose Manage Employees in Benefits Connect.

If you have questions about using Benefits Connect or your Employer Agreement, call the Board at 800-773-7752 (800-PRESPLAN).