Baby BluePrints provides members with education and support for a healthy pregnancy

August 13, 2019

Expectant mothers who lead healthy lifestyles are more likely to have healthy babies. Baby BluePrints is a free program that can help guide eligible members throughout their pregnancy.

Baby BluePrints is a free maternity education and support program to help expectant mothers better understand all the stages of pregnancy, so they can make more informed care decisions. The program is available to employees and their family members with medical coverage through the Board of Pensions who use the national Blue Cross Blue Shield network.

When you enroll in Baby Blueprints you will be able to connect with a nurse health coach for personalized support throughout your pregnancy and after you give birth.

You will also have access to online educational information on pregnancy and childbirth, including topics such as

  • proper use of medications;
  • avoiding alcohol and tobacco;
  • travel considerations;
  • nutrition and weight gain; and
  • body changes.

To enroll, call 866-918-5267; or call Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield at 888-835-2959 and ask for Baby BluePrints. You can enroll any time during your pregnancy, but it’s best to sign up early so you can take full advantage of the program.