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Reporting Salary/Service Changes

Report salary changes and terminations of employment through Benefits Connect (under Manage Employees) within 60 days of the change or termination.

Service changes, retirement applications, post-retirement service, or any other service changes must be reported to the Board as soon as possible using the appropriate form.

Timely online reporting ensures that your church or employer is properly invoiced and your members receive the appropriate benefits coverage.

Salary Change

All salary changes must be submitted to the Board within 60 days of (before or after) the change. Even if there is no change, salaries must be confirmed at the beginning of each year.

You can change or confirm the salary for each employee online through Benefits Connect, under Manage Employees.

Service Change

Employers report service changes online through Benefits Connect. An example of a service change might be a change in work hours or a change in position at a current employer.

Termination of Service

Report to the Board all employment terminations up to 60 days before, or immediately upon, termination of eligible service. Report a termination of employment online through Benefits Connect.

For members in menu options, the benefits end date is the last day of the month of the termination date or the date the termination is reported, whichever is later. The employer is responsible for (will be billed for) the cost of coverage through the benefits’ end.

For members in Pastor’s Participation, the benefits end date is the termination date or the date the termination is reported, whichever is later.

Severance payments affect both effective salary and dues payments. Consult Understanding Effective Salary (see Booklets and Publications, above right) for information. You can also call the Board and speak with a service representative.


The retiring member and employer must complete and sign the Retirement Pension Application for Members and return it to the Board. The employer’s account must be current for the member to initiate retirement benefits. 

Eligibility for a pension does not necessarily mean that a member is eligible for retiree medical coverage, so urge members to call the Board and speak with a service representative well in advance of their scheduled retirement date.

Post-Retirement Service

Presbyteries may approve the resumption of service to a church or other PC(USA)-related employer by a retiree who continues to receive pension benefits (but not accrue pension credits).

See the Post-Retirement Service page for more information.