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Enrolling Employees

As benefits liaison, you coordinate the enrollment activities of eligible employees. To enroll a new employee in the Benefits Plan

  • log on to Benefits Connect within 60 days before or after the date of hire; under Manage Employees, choose Add new employee;
  • follow the prompts to provide information about the employee, including position, salary, and benefit group;
  • if your Employer Agreement does not have a benefit group to accommodate the new employee (e.g., if the employee is the first/only employee who is an other employee working at least 20 hours per week), you must call the Board to update the Employer Agreement;
  • otherwise, provide all the required information and choose Complete & Submit Enrollment.

After the Board processes the enrollment, typically within a business day, the employee will receive an email and be directed to register for, and elect benefits online through, Benefits Connect.

An employer may require a waiting period of up to 90 days for medical coverage before those in menu options are eligible to be enrolled in the Benefits Plan (there is no waiting period permitted for those in Pastor’s Participation).

If one employee from a benefit group is eligible for enrollment, all of the employees in the same benefit group must also be eligible.

Effective Date of Enrollment

For ministers of the Word and Sacrament in installed positions (installed pastors), Benefits Plan membership is effective with the date of the call or the first day of service, provided the Board receives the enrollment and dues within 12 months of the effective date of the call. The minister must complete his or her online benefits enrollment within 60 days of the date of the call; however, the effective date of benefits will be the date of the call.

For all other eligible employees, benefits coverage is effective as of the employee’s date of hire or the date the waiting period expires, whichever is later.

The employer must enroll the employee for benefits coverage through Benefits Connect within 60 days before or after the date of hire. If the employee does not elect benefits (in menu options) within 60 days, the employee will have no benefits coverage — other than that provided by the employer, if applicable — until the next annual enrollment period, unless the employee has a qualifying life event. Installed pastors who do not elect benefits will be automatically enrolled in Pastor’s Participation, with the medical PPO, member-only coverage.

Enrolling Eligible Family Members

Members who enroll a spouse in the Benefits Plan must provide the Board with a marriage certificate. A birth certificate and/or other appropriate documentation is required for any child being added to coverage. After the employee has elected benefits, the employee will be able to go to the Benefits Connect home page, locate the benefits election under My Inquiries and Requests, and upload the required documentation through Benefits Connect.

If the member does not provide required documentation for coverage of an eligible spouse or dependent(s) within 60 days, family members will not have benefits coverage. To enroll them in benefits coverage, the employee must wait until annual enrollment, unless the employee has a qualifying life event during the year.

Confirmation of Enrollment

The member will see, and be able to print, an enrollment confirmation after he/she elects benefits through Benefits Connect, and will be able to view benefits elections/coverage through Benefits Connect. If Benefits Connect does not accurately reflect the employee’s elections, he or she should call the Board at 800-PRESPLAN (800-773-7752).