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​You will receive an email with information about registering for Benefits Connect, the Board’s secure benefits website, and electing benefits.

You must enroll for benefits within 60 days of your date of hire or your benefits eligibility date, whichever is later.

If you elect coverage for your eligible family members, you will need to provide supporting documentation, through Benefits Connect, before your enrollment is complete. Supporting documentation is a marriage certificate, birth certificate, legal documentation for wards, or letter of intent or decree for adoption.

Your initial enrollment is the only time during the year you will be able to elect benefits, unless you have a qualifying life event during the year. You will have the opportunity to make or change elections for the next year during annual enrollment, usually in the fall.

Medical Coverage Waiver 

Under menu options, you may waive medical coverage for yourself or family members. If you waive medical coverage for yourself, your family members will not be eligible for coverage.

Under Pastor’s Participation, you may not waive medical coverage for yourself. You may waive it for family members, but it will not affect your employer’s dues amount.